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Where you can get support from 

No one deserves to suffer alone and there is no weakness in asking for help. Feeling low, anxious or depressed can be extremely difficult for those suffering and for those around them too. Together our members have put together a list of some of the support services which can be accessed and which have helped to support them and their families and friends in the past. 

Living Well Essex -

A useful website which gives information and advice on metal health issues, support services and ways in which you can look after yourself. 


Rethink provide a range of wonderful support services from advice, training, support to art groups which people can attend. 

The Haven Project -

A support group for people suffering from Personality disorder. 

Adult Community Mental Health Teams -

Services supplied by the NHS Essex Partnership. This website gives all the details about their services and their contact numbers. 

The Velvet Mind -

A useful and insightful website which gives support publications and advice/support on physical and emotional health and specifically coping with anger problems. 

The Crisis Team 

Contact details for local crisis teams can be found on this website 

The Samaritans

Support service for anyone who is in need of someone to talk to


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