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Our community projects 

Our community projects normally run over the course of six-months. Each project is designed to support adults suffering from poor confidence, self-esteem and mental health issues, but is also open to anyone who would like to get involved. Group sizes are usually small in order for us to offer more support to our members. Members are then invited to attend weekly workshops where we use performance skills to develop confidence, independence, positivity and well-being whilst working towards a small public performance. All projects are free. 

“The Black Dog Theatre Creation has helped us so much. Before the project I never went out. Now it’s given me back my confidence.” (Gary)


COLCHESTER (Held at Colchester Community 360 on Wednesday evenings


LONDON (Held at the HPOD, Camden on Tuesday afternoons) 




Common Questions asked:

1. Is there a dress code?

No. Just come wearing something comfortable. We do sometimes get up and move about so best not to wear high heels or anything that may slip off easily. 

2. How long do workshops last?

Normally between 1 hour to 2 hours 

3. Should I bring a drink?

We do advise people to bring a bottle of water especially during the summer months.

4. What if I can't make a workshop?

That's completely fine. We do ask if you could let us know though if you can. It stops us from worrying. 

5. Do I have to get up and act and get involved in all of the activities?

No. We won't ever force or pressurize you to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with. It's a fully supportive, relaxed environment and we want you to feel safe.

6. Who runs the workshops?

The Project Leader and sometimes guest speakers such as our friends from the Puppet Soup Theatre Company. 

7. Are the workshop spaces accessible and is there car parking?

All of our venues are fully accessible. We do aim to find venues which are close to parking, but if we can't then we will let you know and provide details of public transport.

8. How do I get involved in a workshop?

Simply get in touch - send us an email or give us a call and have a chat. We will then invite you to come along to have a taster session. 

9. Will I have to perform in the shows?

No. Not everyone gets up on stage. There's always plenty to do behind the scenes. Some people love helping to organize costumes, scenery or playing musical instruments during our performances. We're always open to new ideas! 


 Like many other theatre and community groups, our work has been seriously affected by the current Covid:19 situation. However, we are determined to continue running our projects in order to support local communities and those at risk of suffering from isolation. We have adapted to and continue adapting to the current guidelines and changed our working practice in order to keep both our employees, volunteers, and members safe. All our workshops are continuing to run but are online using Zoom (which is free to use) and we are working towards creating audio plays which can be recorded online.


We know that many of our members are already feeling vulnerable and have additional health conditions. If you need any support in this difficult time, then please do get in touch. We will do our best to help – even if we need to signpost you to other resources. You are not alone! Stay safe everyone!


Alfie James, Artistic Director

All membership Enquiries should be made via Email at:

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