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Strengthening Communities


The Black Dog Theatre Creation is committed to supporting the strengthening of our local and wider community. We have established several successful projects in both Essex and London and are currently developing a new project in Clacton.


Through performance techniques, we strive to offer support to people who are excluded, vulnerable or facing other forms of hardship to have access to community-based activities that support positive social change and help to create a stronger, active, more engaged community.


We have broken our work down into three main core aims.


Raising awareness of Mental Health issues & supporting positive social change

The Black Dog Theatre Creation strongly believes in using performance techniques as a positive tool to raising awareness of Mental Health issues and supporting positive social change.


Supporting the reduction of isolation and helping people to reconnect with Society

The Black Dog Theatre Creation works to support people who have become isolated or are at risk of becoming isolated members of society. We help people to regain the confidence to reconnect with society.


Working together by building bridges

The Black Dog Theatre Creation strives to build partnerships and links with other support organisations to better support our participants and to support positive social change

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