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Our impact 

Our impact:


Since our first project in 2014 we have developed several six-month projects supporting over a hundred members in Colchester and London. All our members have reported back saying that they have gained I confidence and have developed a positive outlook in life. We’ve had family members and friends comment upon the positive impact which the Black Dog Theatre Creation has had upon members lives and their relationships. The Black Dog Theatre Creation has received positive recognition from leading mental health individuals including Dr Tilbury and organisations such as Mind, Re-Think London SIBS and the Together organisation.


We have produced six successful sell-out productions and have explored a range of different performance techniques including the use of puppetry, oral storytelling and music in performance. All with successful outcomes.

"The Black Dog Theatre Creation has become a life-line. It's a wonderful group where people can make friends, gain support and learn to live and connect again." (Kim)
"“Alfie has done wonders to help my wife with the Black Dog Theatre Creation. He’s given my children back their mum and brought a smile back on her face. Of course, she still has her bad days, but she’s stronger and knows how to deal with them. It’s as if she’s come alive again!” (Husband of one of our members)

Elo’s story

Since coming to the UK, I have worked with vulnerable people; particularly those suffering from mental health problems. I have also suffered from depression and anxiety myself. This wasn’t helped by not being a confident English speaker and I quickly became isolated within my local community. I would suffer from severe headaches and panic attacks. Then I saw a leaflet advertising the Black Dog Theatre Creation at the Oxford House Arts Theatre. I joined, and I haven’t looked back. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the project and I loved working on the show. It was so much fun, and I met some new friends too. It helped build my confidence and gave me something to work towards. It also helped me with my English and I now socialize more with people that I know. I recently got a new job too. My first here in the UK working with people with disabilities. I still get involved with the Black Dog projects and recommend it to others.

What do our past members think?

We asked a small group of our members what they think about the Black Dog Theatre Creation and the impact it has had upon their lives. 

What do our Volunteers think?

We asked one of our regular volunteer helpers what they think about the Black Dog Theatre Creation and the impact it has had upon their lives. 

10 Facts about our success:


  1. Since our first project, 100% of our members have reported back saying that they have become more confident, independent and feel more positive about life.

  2. We have produced six sell out productions.

  3. Dr Tilbury, Senior Occupational Therapist and Actor has hailed the project as being a wonderful and positive group which impacts positively upon the community.

  4. All our members have reconnected with the local community.

  5. We have supported members in their return to work.

  6. We have successfully explored several performance techniques such as puppetry, oral storytelling, music and freeze frames.

  7. We have successfully created opportunities to encourage people to talk about mental health issues affecting their local communities.

  8. Family members and friends of our members have fed back to us describing the positive impact which the projects have had on their family life at home and their relationships.

  9. We have developed partnerships and worked with local mental health support groups.

  10. Our audience size to our performances has consistently grown.

Artistic partnerships


We have already developed and successfully worked with several performance venues including The Arts Theatre, London, Oxford House Arts Theatre, and The Colchester Arts Centre. All of which have been wonderful experiences and have supported our continued development. We have also worked with several freelance artists including musician Ed Nunn, film maker Ned Woodcraft and Actors Nick McDuff and Kitty Whitely. 

Most recently, we developed a new partnership working with The award-winning Puppet Soup Theatre Company. Here's a short film made about our work with them: 

A copy of our Impact article can be downloaded here:

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