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Join the cast of our first ever Black Dog Theatre Creation Colchester group perform their adaptation of "Two" by Jim Cartwright as an Audio-play recorded via ZOOM during the lockdown in 2021



This summer our Black Dog London Theatre group will be bringing to life Roald Dahl's wonderful Fantastic Mr Fox as an outdoor performance in Regents Park supported by The Regents Park Singers. 


This Summer our Black Dog Colchester Theatre Creation will be bringing to life a special adaptation of George Orwell's classic story "Animal Farm." 



Our first production and brought our Pilot Project to a close. The performance was set in the round at The Colchester Arts Centre to an intimate audience. The project was a big success and received strong positive feedback from all of those involved and whom had seen it. 

“A powerful and extremely sensitive piece of theatre which explored issues of isolation and mental health. A brilliant production!”

(Audience member)


“Taking part in this performance was such a worthwhile experience. It has given me the confidence to come out of the house and to do something positive.” (Performer)


Tackling a traditional family favourite, we performed to a sell out audience at The Colchester Arts Centre. We smashed our aims of increasing both our Public Engagement goals and our Audience Development aim. 

“What a delightful performance! It’s amazing how much the members have come out of their shell. The Black Dog Theatre Creation is a truly remarkable project.” (Audience member)


“I never thought I’d see the project through. I was convinced that I’d go to one workshop and that would be it. Now I’ve just come off the main stage at the arts theatre after performing to over a hundred people. I feel so alive!” (Performer)



Our first project in London. This project was aimed at working with young people aged 18-25. We ran our workshops in Stratford and were amazed when we were asked to perform at the Arts Theatre, West-End London! We performed two sell-out performances and learnt so much from the experience.

“A splendid performance by everyone involved. I loved the simple approach and it was clear that everyone on stage were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I thought it was really clever how they mixed the humour and the poignant issues about mental health among young adults.” (Audience member)


“Being involved in this project has taught me so much and given me the confidence to believe in myself again. Alfie was so patient and encouraging. Thanks for the experience!” (Performer)


This year we performed our very own adaptation of the Wizard of Oz to two sell-out performances. The play was hailed as a massive success and loved by all that came along and saw it. 



This time around we wanted to create a performance which focused upon developing an opportunity to talk openly about mental health issues. This is where we came up with the idea of adapting the story of Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll and producing a fun, colourful performance followed by a delicious tea party.

“What a great idea! Our members from the Re-Think Arts Group thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We loved the simplicity of the production and audience participation. It was really clever how you got everyone talking after the performance too.” (Audience member)


“Before joining the Black Dog Theatre Creation, I rarely left my flat. Being involved in this project has given me a new lease of life. I’ve made new friends and I feel like I have a purpose again.”



Our second project in London and our first collaboration with the Puppet Soup Theatre Company. During the project we learnt how to use and to make our own puppets before applying these new skills to our own devised piece. We also started exploring how we could use theatre to raise awareness of mental health among children by teaching young children that it is ok to have a bad day and we all have them from time to time.

“Such a fun, bright and colourful performance with so many larger than life characters. It was lovely to see the team work between professional actors and members suffering from poor confidence. They all worked together brilliantly. And wow! The puppet they created was great!” (Audience member)


“It was one the best experiences of my life. I loved every second of it. Alfie was so patient working around my personal and emotional problems and made both myself and my carer feel welcome and at ease. I really enjoyed making the puppet and bringing it to life.” (Performer)


Our mini project in Brentwood working alongside the Shenfield Library was a wonderful success. The project gave us the opportunity to try out our project in a new location and to further develop our public engagement, reaching a wider community. 

"Working on this project was such a delight. I loved exploring the oral storytelling devices. Working with the other participants was really beneficial. I felt like I got a lot out of the experience." (Performer) 

"What a lovely performance! My grandchildren really enjoyed the storytelling and seeing the characters come alive on stage." (Audience member) 



Our 2018 project saw us develop a new understanding of Radio plays. We explored how radio plays are created and we had great fun at making our own sound effects. In our 2018 project we also worked with the Puppet Soup Theatre Company to further develop our work with puppets. 

"Absolutely hilarious! The cast all looked like they were having so much fun on stage and so were we too. I've seen the members grow so much in confidence and self-esteem. The Black Dog Theatre Creation works so well." (Audience member) 

"This project has certainly been one of the best so far. I've had so much fun and really found my voice." (Performer) 

Alice through the looking glass NEW POST


In 2020 we held our first performance with our new London group. Sadly,  due to Covid:19 we were not able to perform live at the Camden People's Theatre as planned. Instead, we created our first ever audio play recorded on Zoom. 



In 2020 our Colchester Black Dog Theatre Creation began its three year link with the CBC and Community 360. Sadly, due to Covid:19 our live performances were cancelled. However, we devised an audio play of a new devised murder mystery play in the style of an Agatha Christie novel. The play was given the top of the bill status as part of the Colchester Creative Arts Virtual Festival in December 2020. 

“A Positive and hugely important life-line for all of the members involved.” (Karen Black, Member)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the Black Dog members and creating some wonderful art pieces.” (Jacob Anderson, Volunteer)

"“Well done to both Alfie and all the tropes for putting together an imaginative and successful group for the local community in Camden. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you at the CPT.” (James Cross, Camden People’s Theatre)

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