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On this page of our website you can find all of our past news, records of our activities, achievements and past diary entries. 



On Tuesday 17th May 2016 the group got together to complete a personal challenge of walking from East Mersea to West Mersea to raise money to support the long-term continuation on the group. We walked across the beach, along country lanes and received some wonderful positive support from the local residents. We completed the five and a half mile walk in just under three and a half hours finishing at the Sea View Cafe. We've raised over £200 and still counting. Thanks to all that sponsored us and all of the kind support given from the people of Mersea Island. It was really appreciated. 

We were on the Radio.....

Did anyone else hear Steve Vine mention us in discussion on his Radio 2 show? Looks like we're making waves! 


The Black Dog Theatre Creation have recently now created a new link with a rather special Facebook support group for people who are affected by Depression. Please click the link below and like their page. They do a wonderful job! 

Members invited to form a new panel to support the Science Museum, London

Diary Entry 5: SPECIAL ENTRY:


Recently we were invited to be part of a new special panel, supporting The London Science Museum. The panel will be working with staff members from the London Museum over the next two years towards the creation of a new set of galleries. They will offer advice on issues relating to mental health and accessibility.


Three of our members attended the first meeting on Friday and were really inspired by the positivity shown by the staff and willingness to listen to their experiences and suggestions. The day was a wonderful experience. 


"Neither of us had travelled up to London for many years and so that in itself was a massive achievement. The staff then made us feel so valued and part of something incredibly special. Thank you to the London Science Museum for inviting us." 


The panel were joined also by other members of the community including Film Makers and Artists. 


Second Meeting at the Science Museum, London

Today we had our second panel meeting with the Science Museum, London regarding the designing/building of their new medicine gallery. Today we were taken on a tour of one of their newest galleries and asked to give feedback about the gallery, its environment, objects, information displays and overall content with our focus being on the galleries accessibility to people with disabilities. The discussion which followed was extremely productive and filled with rich ideas which will now be used when considering the design and content of the new gallery. It was a really useful day and we'd like to thank the Science Museum once again for their warm welcome.

Diary Entries 

Workshop Diary 1:

It was our first workshop today and it was really lovely to be back and to see everyone. In today's session we looked at how we create a character on stage. After discussion we made our own ingredients of some of the skills to consider. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring some of these techniques. 


We will also be helping the Science Museum in London over the next three years by taking part in a panel to support their development of a new display and ensuring that it is accessible for all. We're really looking forward to taking part in the opportunity. 


We're realy proud of one of our members as he has just become a Equality Champion advising the local council. Good on him! 



Workshop Diary 2

This week our focus was on exploring the use of voice on stage and in particular when portraying a character. We used several practical and fun activities to experiment with what our voices can do and to what kind of voices best suited different characters. We then used this to rehearse and to perform a short play. 


We welcome two new people onto our Board of Trustees and please have a look at our new T-Shirts beautifully modelled by two of our members. 

Workshop Diary 3

Over the past couple of weeks we have been exploring the story of the Wizard of Oz and its characters. After watching parts of the film we began to use different performance techniques to explore the issues raised by the story and its characters. 


So far we have used storytelling skills to develop scenes of our own using the key characters exploring issues of isolation, fear and courage. We then used these same techniques to relate these issues back to our own lives, but how they can be oversome in positive ways. The exercises were really popular. 


We've also had some great fun devising our own Tornado movement and spoken word piece which was directed by one of our very own members! 

Diary 4:

In today's session we explored the art of storytelling through performance techniques. We then discussed the idea of using a story within a story for our performance of the Wizard of Oz. We then decided to re-tell the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. 

Diary 6:

Today we had our first Creative making session as we began designing and making some of our props for our forhcoming production of TOTO'S ADEVENTURE TO OZ. We began making our tornado sound effects and two of our giant puppets. They all looked absolutely fantastic. 

Diary 7:


We've been extremely busy the past couple of weeks blocking the final scenes and helping each other learn our lines. The characterisation is coming along really well and the play is beginning to come alive and take shape. Recently we've been joined by a new member and one of our present members has begun to shine as our new Musical Director. It's wonderful to see each of the members beginning to grow further in confidence and to feel strong and happy enough to use their special talents. 

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